Imam-e-hussain رضى الله تعالى عنه

A Message For All Muslim is the life of Hazrat imam Hussain,
He preferred death to Yazid’s allegiance,
With his blood, Islam has verily been living,
We have need this honesty faith and courage to fight against the wrong,
We can follow the life of Hazrat Imam Hussain رضى الله تعا لى عنه.


I protest against disrespect of our beloved prophet MUHAMMAD صلى الله عليه وصلم

Manqabat-e-imam-e-Hussain (R.A)

New maqabat-e-imam-hussain (R.A) by Hafiz Rizwan Qadri has been uploaded,

to download and listen go to “AUDIO COLLECTION”

Track 1:  Kiya jalwa karbala mein

Audio Naats by Hafiz Rizwan Qadri

Track 1 : Zikr-e-khuda (by hafiz rizwan qadri) 

Track 2 : Ho karam sarkar (by hafiz rizwan qadri)

Track 3 : Mein sadkay ya rasol allah (by hafiz rizwan qadri)

Track 4 : Apny daman-e-shafa’at mein (by hafiz rizwan qadri)


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